Product Description

Industrial Air Cooler Specially Design with Dust Remove Technology

JHCOOL air cooler Working Principle:
Nature’s most efficient means of cooling is through the evaporation of water. Evaporative cooling works on the principle of heat absorption by moisture evaporation. It also happens on human skin, the body sweat to cool temperature down.

Why choose JHCOOL air cooler T9?
Economical: Less than 1/3 the price of air conditioning
Energy saving: 10 times energy saving than air conditioning
Vent cooling. Keep door and window open
Dust filtering and air freshing
All in 1 design with innovative shape. Easy to assemble and easly disassemble.
High efficiency, 1 unit can cover 150 M2.
High quality water pump. NEVER JAMS! Wont burn if lacks water.
High quality aluminum seal motor. Water proof and high heating radiation efficiency.
Wind discharged from bottom (can be changed to top discharge and side discharge)
UV-resist cabinet. 15 years frame guarantee.
Easy maintainance. Just wash the dust screen
92% evaporative efficiency

Specification for T9 Evaporative Air Cooler:

Model T9
Max airflow 18000cmh
Fan type Axial
Cooling area 100-150 m2
Power 1100w
Noise 73
Water tank 30L
Water consumption 15-20 L/H
Net weight 90kg
Gross weight 100KG
Packed size 1170*1170*1120mm+730*890*370mm
Dimension 11160*1160*1760mm
Loading quantity 20′ Container:18 PCS, 40 Hq:40 PCS
Phase 3
Speed 1
control type Button
Pressure 180pa
Overload protection Yes
Swing Auto(Left/right),Manual(up/down)
Pump protection yes
Auto water swing yes
Pre-dust Filter optinal

Quality Control:

Q: How often should the cooling pads be replaced?
Pads should be changed when they no longer cool as effectively as they did when new. This generally happens when mineral deposits on the pads become so heavy that the water running over them during operation cannot be absorbed. If a pad is properly cleaned and maintained, its life can be 3 to 5 years or more. But, we advise customer replace the pad every 2 or 3 years to keep the best cooling efficiency.

Q: How much water do I put in?
The amount of water required will vary depending on the size of the unit you own. To help determine the correct level, each water air cooler is equipped with a water level indicator. It can be found on bottom sump of the unit. Add water until the indicator shoes that the water reservoir is filled. Water will leak from the unit if it is overfilled.

Q:How much water do I put in?
The amount of water required will vary depending on the size of the unit you own. To help determine the correct level, each evaporative cooler is equipped with a water level indicator. It can be found on bottom sump of the unit. Add water until the indicator shoes that the water reservoir is filled. Water will leak from the unit if it is overfilled.

Q: Advantages for evaporative air cooler compared to refrigerated cooling systems?
Evaporative cooling will provide substantial energy savings over refrigerated air units. The simplicity of the design allows low maintenance requirements. The evaporative air cooler will provide fresh, filtered air. The outside air that has been cooled will blow the stale inside air out. With the substantial savings on energy and the air constantly changing, the industrial / commercial water air cooler is ideally suited for area cooling or spot cooling in factories, laundries, churches, schools, agri-businesses, restaurants and many other applications.

Company Information
ZheJiang Xihu (West Lake) Dis.i Technology Co., Ltd(short for JH Tech) is the leading eco-friendly evaporative air cooler manufacturer established in HangZhou China in 2006. It’s a high-tech enterprise focused on energy-saving, evaporative air cooler’s R&D, marketing and excellent customer service. By owning experienced experts and aggressive sales, it makes JH Tech to give its clients professional service like factory, cafes, supermarket, base station etc. Through 10 years growth, JH Tech had completed its whole industry chain layout and became a truly leader in the industry.

JH Tech has more than 50 outlets all over mainland China. Enjoying an outstanding reputation over 100 clients around the world. Being the fastest growing Chinese company in the Eco-AC industry since 2006 and 8 consecutive years sales champion with its inverter evaporative air cooler.

JH Tech’s version is “Be the No. 1 eco-friendly cooler maker in China and the Whole World ” For now, JH Tech has 2 mainly product series covering the commercial and household type, which include standard unit, industrial unit, window unit, mobile unit and home used unit. More than 40 kinds of models to meet all clients’ needs. Owned ISO9001:2000, CE, CB, CCC, SAA, SASO, UL certificates.

JH Tech was the first 1 use inverter technique upon Japan-made IPM frequency conversion module in order to save more energy. Its highly qualified recycling water pump can protect water pump from damaging in water shortage situation. What’s more, its auto pad self-cleaning tech and auto temperature and humidity control tech had filled the industry’s blankness.

Best quality, professional R&D ability, comprehensive products lines and excellent customer service lead JH Tech to a bright further in evaporative cooler market and infrared radiant heater market as well. With all the strength, JH Tech will become much more powerful and reliable in the CZPT industry. NO JH, NO COOLING!

Warmly Welcome to visit JHCOOL Factory in HangZhou,ZheJiang Province.
We will pick you up at anywhere in HangZhou: 
HangZhou Xihu (West Lake) Dis. International Airport:About 40- 50 mins
HangZhou South Railway Station: About 20 mins
HangZhou Railway Station: About 30 mins

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How to Assemble a Pulley System

A pulley is a wheel that rotates on a shaft or shaft to support the movement of a taut cable. Pulleys allow power to be transmitted from the shaft to the cable.

Simple pulley

The simplest theory of operation of a pulley system assumes that the rope and weight are weightless and that the rope and pulley are not stretched. Since the force on the pulley is the same, the force on the pulley shaft must also be zero. Therefore, the force exerted on the pulley shaft is also distributed evenly between the 2 wires passing through the pulley. The force distribution is shown in Figure 1.
The use of simple pulleys is as old as history. Before the Industrial Revolution, people relied on muscle strength to carry heavy loads. Pulleys, levers and ramps make this possible. Today, we can see pulleys in a variety of systems, from exercise equipment to garage doors, and even rock climbers use them to help them reach greater heights. As you can see, these simple machines have been around for centuries and are used in everyday life.
Another simple pulley system is the pulley system. In this system, there is a fixed pulley at the top and a movable pulley at the bottom. The 2 pulleys are connected by a rope. This combination reduces the amount of work required to lift the load. Additionally, the ropes used in this system are usually made of rope and woven through the individual wheels of the pulley drum.
A pulley is an ingenious device that distributes weight evenly and can be used to lift heavy objects. It is easy to build and can be easily modified for a wide range of activities. Even young children can make their own with very few materials. You can also use simple household items such as washing machines, thin textbooks and even chopsticks. It’s very useful and can be a great addition to your child’s science and engineering activities.
The simplest pulley system is movable. The axis of the movable pulley can move freely in space. The load is attached to 1 end of the pulley and the other end to the stationary object. By applying force on the other end of the rope, the load is lifted. The force at the other end of the rope is equal to the force at the free end of the pulley.
Another form of pulley is the compound pulley. Compound pulleys use 2 or more wheels to transmit force. Compound pulleys have 2 or more wheels and can lift heavier objects. Dim is POLE2.

tapered pulley

It is important to clean and align the bolt holes before assembling the tapered pulley. The screws should be lubricated and the threads cleaned before installation. To install the pulley, insert it into the shaft keyway. The keyway should be aligned with the shaft hole to prevent foreign matter from entering the pulley. Then, alternately tighten the bolts until the pulley is tightened to the desired torque.
A tapered pulley is a basic structure. The pulley belt is arranged across 4 steps. Installed between the headstock casting and the main shaft, it is often used in the paper industry. It integrates with printing machinery and supports assembly lines. These pulleys are also available in metric range options, eliminating the need for ke-waying or re-drilling. They are easy to install, and users can even customize them to suit their needs.
CZPT Private Limited is a company that provides unique products for various industries. This large product is used for many different purposes. Also, it is manufactured for industrial use. The company’s website provides detailed specifications for the product. If you need a tapered pulley, contact a company in your area today to purchase a quality product!
Tapered pulleys are vital to paper mill machinery. Its special design and construction enable it to transmit power from the engine source to the drive components. The advantages of this pulley include low maintenance costs and high mechanical strength. Cone wheel diameters range from 10 inches to 74 inches. These pulleys are commonly used in paper mills as they offer low maintenance, high mechanical strength and low wear.
A tapered sleeve connects the pulley to the shaft and forms an interference fit connector. The taper sleeve is fixed on the shaft with a key, and the corresponding inner hole is fixed on the shaft with a key. These features transmit torque and force to the pulley through friction. This allows the tapered pulley to move in a circular motion. The torque transfer characteristics of this pulley are most effective in high speed applications.
The sleeve is the most important part when assembling the tapered pulley. There is an 8-degree taper inside the cone, which is closely connected to the inner surface of the pulley. Taper sleeves and pulleys are interchangeable. However, tapered pulleys can be damaged after prolonged use.

pulley pulley system

A pulley pulley system is a great way to move heavy objects. These systems have been around for centuries, dating back to the ancient Greeks. This simple mechanism enables a person to lift heavy objects. These blocks are usually made of rope, and the number of turns varies for different types of rope. Some blocks have more cords than others, which creates friction and interferes with the easy movement of the lifting system.
When using a pulley pulley, the first thing to decide is which direction to pull. Unfavorable rigging means pulling in the opposite direction. In theory, this method is less efficient, but sometimes requires a certain amount of work space. The benefit is that you will increase the mechanical advantage of the pulley by pulling in the opposite direction. So the interception and tackle system will give you more of a mechanical advantage.
Pulley pulleys are an excellent choice for lifting heavy objects. The system is simple to install and users can easily lift objects without extensive training. Figure 3.40 shows a pulley in action. In this photo, the person on the left is pulling a rope and tying the end of the rope to a weight. When the rope is attached to the load, the rope will be pulled over the pulley and pulley.
The blocks on the blocks are attached to the ends of the rope. This creates unique lifting advantages compared to single-line systems. In Figure 3, the tension of each thread is equal to one-third of the unit weight. When the rope is pulled over the pulley, the force is divided equally between the 2 wires. The other pulley reverses the direction of the force, but that doesn’t add any advantage.
Use pulleys to reduce traction and load. The weight of the load has not changed, but the length of the rope has increased. Using this method, lifting the load by pulling the rope 4 times reduces the force required to lift 1 foot. Likewise, if the pulley system had 4 pulleys instead of three, the length of the rope would be tripled.
The system can transmit loads in any direction. Rope length is determined by multiplying the distance from the fixed block to the load by the mechanical advantage. If the mechanical advantage is 3:1, then passing the rope through the pulley 3 times will produce the required traction distance. Also, the length of the rope will depend on the mechanical advantage, so if the load is 3 times the length of the rope, it will be more than 3 times the required length.

China Good quality Industrial Air Cooler Specially Design with Dust Remove Technology     near me factory China Good quality Industrial Air Cooler Specially Design with Dust Remove Technology     near me factory