The disc flange is an integral part of the flange yoke assembly. The separated flange yoke arms are bolted to the companion flange. Bolted connection Connections minimize unnecessary imbalances. In this article, we will examine the flange yoke and its components. Read more! Please continue to follow more flange yoke articles. After reading this article, you will know what you are looking for!
Disc flange part
The disc-shaped flange portion 38 and the independent disc mounting flange yoke member 14 are radial guide tubular members with an inner diameter of fewer than three-quarters of an inch. The disc-shaped flange portion 38 includes a circular inner surface 41 with a diameter of 2.5 inches and a radially outer surface 40 extending radially outward from the upper part of the tubular member. The flange portion is connected to the tubular upper portion 18 by a radial guide rib 46 extending around the circumference of the member.
The disc-shaped flange portion 38 is slidably arranged in guide cylinder 1a to adjust the opening area of the air inlet passage 2. The disc flange portion 38 includes a first guide hole 4C and a second hole 4E. The keyhole is arranged so that its center is located on a 358-inch circle concentric with the circular tubular part. The disc-shaped flange portion 38 includes a shower tray strainer 58 screwed into the tubular portion 52.
Separate flange yoke arms
The flange yoke is a shaft connecting part with a disc-shaped flange yoke arms with corresponding aligned openings. The companion flange is connected to the flange yoke through a part of the shaft. The flange yoke compensates for changes in shaft size.
The yoke arms of the flange yoke are separated by an expansion at the top. The lower end of the magnifying device is threaded for mounting the nut 52. The nut 52 is fixed in place by the set screw 56, which is engaged with a slot in the yoke. The kingpin is located in the groove of the flange.
The disc flange part is integrated with the yoke part
The yoke part is a cylindrical component made of magnetic materials. It forms a cylinder with 1 end open and the other end blocked. The flange portion rises from the outer edge of opening 5. It has a series of bolt or screw insertion holes. The flange and yoke are integrated.
The yoke portion includes an opening 5 slidably fitted to the inner circumferential surface of the cylindrical portion 35A. The yoke portion is integrally formed with the yoke portion by a rotary locking protrusion 9 aligned with the yoke shaft. The flange portion 6 has an opening for inserting bolts or screws. Its periphery forms a flange opening for the faucet. Bracket 21 includes holes for threads.
Bolted to companion flange
The bolted connection of the mating flange is used to fix the internal connection between valves or other parts. Bolted The connection should be tightened and centered to prevent internal pressure from creating a force that could cause the gasket to burst. In order to ensure the integrity of the flange yoke, the bolt connection should be evenly applied to prevent the increase of internal pressure. The bolt load shall be applied evenly to maintain the integrity of the gasket.
The bolted connection with the companion flange may fail due to excessive bending or rust. This situation may lead to expensive maintenance and construction schedule delays. This may even cause the owner-operator to lose revenue for weeks or even years. The cost of failed flanges is usually too high. Properly installed bolted connections can save you hundreds of thousands of dollars and minimize the risk of costly downtime.
Application of flange yoke on spline shaft
Flange yokes can be used on splined shafts for bearing assemblies. The flange yoke consists of a pair of holes
It is formed by the flange yoke part and companion flange. The flange yoke may have a pilot receiver (29a) extending from the flange portion. Both components are threaded to the rotating shaft.The flange yoke is supported by a spline shaft, which may be the output shaft of the vehicle’s engine-driven transmission. The shaft is an externally splined member with a plurality of splines extending outward. The pilot protrudes from the shaft and extends coaxially with respect to the rotation axis. The companion flange is a slender hollow cylindrical sleeve with a disc-shaped flange part.

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